A Cajun Delicacy From Soft Shelled Crabs.


In case you are looking for a true Cajun delicacy, you might want to consider the soft shelled crab. The crabs can be cooked in a lot of ways.

A crab usually contains an outer shell which is hard. However, in order for it to develop, it needs to shed that hard shell to become bigger. A crab normally sheds its hard shell about once every month. The shedding process is known as molting. A crab will increase its size to about thirty-three percent with each molting process which takes place.

At the time when the hard shell of the crab molts, it just crawls from its old shell. It is approximated that female crabs normally molt approximately eighteen to twenty times in their short lifespan. Male crabs normally molt approximately twenty-one to twenty-three times. It is exciting to note that as the crab becomes older, the molts gets more difficult. It is not unusual for a crab to die at the time of molting.

The duration following the crawling of the crab from its shell is the time they have a soft shell. That is what a majority of Cajun cooks are interested in and look for. The crab is usually at its prime for good eating, and also it is usually weak from the molting process. That makes it easier to catch it. They normally molt in the water, click for more info!

There are numerous ways of catching the crabs when they are in that particular state. The most basic way involves the use of a long handled net and wading through the shallow water searching for molting crabs. After you have spotted them, you just scoop it using a net.  Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk%3ASoft-shell_crab to gain ore info abou soft shell crabs.

The other method consists of using a male crab that is known as a Jimmy for enticing the female crabs which could be ready for mating. You just put a Jimmy into the top compartment of a wire cage and put the cage in the shallow water where you know that there are a lot of female crabs. Normally, that will attract the female crabs in big numbers.

After you have you have obtained your soft shells; it is very important that you understand how to clean the crab before you proceed with cooking. You have to remove the lungs of the crab. Also, you must cut off the head section of the crab that hosts the eyes and the mouth. A section which is known as the apron also needs to be removed, click to know more!