A Guide to Soft Shell Crabs


Every time you visit coastal places you always want to taste what they have that back in your town places are not available.  People go looking for the best delicacies in those places to make their visits memorable. While in such search of delicacies you might want to consider soft shelled crabs as a delicacy. These crabs can be cooked in numerous ways. Normally everyone knows that crabs are made of soft shells. However, at a certain point in their lives, they undergo a process known as molting which is the process of shedding of their shell. This happens so that growth can take place, so it is like they get out of the old shell and develop a new one. They can develop even by a third in a single molting.

Another vital knowledge that you should have these crabs from this homepageis that molting rate occurs differently comparing that of the male and female. For instance, an ordinary male crab will molt approximately twenty-three times in their lifespan while a female crab which is normal will molt approximately eighteen times in a lifespan. This process becomes harder as they grow older since their shell hardens more.

The time you can get a soft shelled crab is right after they crawl out of their old shell. Many cooks of such delicacies look for this. Also, this is the prime time for eating the crab due to the fact it is weak from the molting process. One can easily catch them during this period. Crabs always perform the process of molting while in water. While in this state you can employ several methods to catch them. Most commonly used is scrapping. Here you use a long handled net and wade it through the shallow waters looking for molting crabs. After you spot one you scoop it out and put into your jar. Learn how to cook soft shell crabs with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_2293135_cook-soft-shell-crabs.html.

Once you have the soft shells, it is important that you learn how to clean the crab before you cook it. Always make sure you remove the lungs of the crab. Also essentially cut-off the head section that contains eyes and the mouth. Also, remove a section of the crab that is known as the apron. After all that preparations you can now cook your crabs whether flown or burnt is your choice as the cook regarding the tastes of your consumers. Just try out this dish and you will be amazed at how delicious these little critters taste, go here to know more!