Soft Shell Crabs: What a Delicious Lunch!


Everyone desires to take delicious and exotic meals. And, nothing beats sea food when it comes to ‘exotic’ meals. Anyway, soft shell crabs are one of the most delicious meals that you can have for lunch today.

But what are soft shell crabs?

Well, this is simply a kind of crab that does not have the shell. The fishermen wait until it naturally peels off its exoskeleton, and then, they capture it. It is natural for these sea creatures to shed off their shells. So, they fish it out before the shells arts regenerating. In this condition, you do not have to use complicated methods to remove the shell- it has already been removed for you!

Cooking for the soft shell crabs

The first thing you must do before cooking crabs is to remove the shell. This is what you should do when you buy the fresh crabs. But when you get the frozen soft crabs, all you have to do is clean it. You see, cleaning is necessary because it could have been exposed to dirty stuff, check it out!

Then, you can use some recipes to make it ready for consumption. For instance, you can fry, roast or grill the crabs. You can also find unique soft shell crab recipes online. Use them to make the most delicious meals.

Edible parts

Of course, not the whole creature is edible. You definitely don’t need the whole crab. So, you should remove parts such as the fins, hard parts, and the abdomen. The fins are not the kind of thing you want to eat- trust me! Never forget, they act as the respiratory parts, and equivalent of the lungs in mammals, check it out!

Then, you should do away with the pointed part at the bottom. You, of course, don’t want to eat the crab’s ‘hooves.’ People who can’t stand disposing of the abdomen to clean it. Well, you can consider doing that too!

Which crabs are eaten?

In most cases, the soft shell crabs hit the American market between April and September. The American Blue Crab is the most popular species. If you buy it within the season, you will have the chance to get it when fresh. Check out to learn more about soft shell crabs.

Of course, you can find imported species in the stores. They are available in frozen form. One of the exotic species is the Mediterranean crab which is popular in Italy. Then, the Japanese blue crab, sushi, and swimming crabs are also available.